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ENDS - AUGUST 15, 2000





Photo contest rules and details:

The general info...

  1. 6 Finger Bikes will be given away 3 to first place, 2 to second and 1 to third place.

  2. Judges will consist of 3 riders that have been dealing with BMXTRIX since the beginning.

  3. All photos will go into the new BMXTRIX photo gallery which is debuting in late June/early July.

  4. All entries may be used by BMXTRIX entirely and for whatever purpose BMXTRIX feels is reasonable.  BMXTRIX does not get original copyright, just the right to use the photos within the site or for additional promotion of the site.

  5. Contest will be running until AUGUST 15, 2000.  Winners should be announced AUGUST 20, 2000.

  6. Due to postage and import laws Finger Bikes can (may) only be shipped within the continental United States.  BMXTRIX will attempt to ship anywhere in the world - but postage will (may) be due on the prizes.

  7. Multiple entries from the same person are DEFINITELY allowed and could result in one person winning multiple times- though it is not likely.

  8. YOU must hold the copyright of the photo being submitted...  This means that you must be the one who shot the picture.  DO NOT STEAL PHOTOS FROM OTHER WEB SITES!!!!  If anyone finds out that a photo came from another website please send information to - thanks.

Photography Rules:

  1. Photos are preferred in a web friendly format:  This means .jpg, .gif, or .png.  This should be available through your photo editing program.  If you NEED a photo editing program click here and try Fireworks for free for 30 days.  Additional details of this are at the bottom of this page.

  2. Photos may be color or black and white.  It doesn't matter.

  3. Scanned photos are best sent at about 800 pixels across or LARGER as a .jpg saved in quality 5-7 (50-70).  This should be an option when you save the photo.

  4. Photos may not contain obscene things- this is just due to the web host that BMXTRIX has.  Keep it clean!

  5. Photos MUST be of freestyle or freestyle related (BMXTRIX judges that!) regular BMX, mountain bikes, or other weird stuff won't be eligible.

  6. Small photos (under 400 pixels across) may not be used on the website due to their small size.  Same is true for photos of low quality.

  7. If anyone has a question about the contest please click here and ask.

Photo Submission...

  1. NEW!!! - CLICK HERE and you will go to a form that allows you to upload the photo straight to BMXTRIX.  No e-mail required!  Do it at home, at school, at the library, or wherever you can connect to the Internet with your scanned photo!

  2. Mail your photographs (3" by 5" or larger) to:

    BMXTRIX Finger Bikes Contest - Photo Contest
    25113 Chimney House Ct.
    Damascus, MD 20878

    Please include your name and e-mail address...  you may also include a mailing address and a phone number.

NOTE:  File formats that are MOST recommended for submission are as follows:  Any format that can be recognized by Photoshop -  The best format for the web is .jpeg (.jpg).  MOST photo programs will save as a .jpeg for you to submit to BMXTRIX.  Some programs will not.  Other formats that are available include:  .psd, .pcx, .tiff, .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .iff, .eps, .pct, .pxr, .png and that's about it.  BMXTRIX CAN accept Illustrator files but it is preferred that all work be changed to a .jpg or .bmp at least for judging.  Thanks.



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