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Your Name:



What Trick Are You Describing:

How Long Have You Been Doing This Trick:

What tricks are good to know BEFORE attempting this trick?

What variations of this trick are there? (i.e.: no-handed, 360, no-footed)

How do you DO the trick?  Please list this STEP-BY-STEP!!!!  "Take your feet off and then put them back on." is NOT a how-to, it is a description of the no-footer.  Read the other how-to's, especially the flatland ones to understand that BMXTRIX need DETAILS of how the trick is actually done.  Be specific about the object you are doing the trick on (ramp, half-pipe, dirt, rail, ledge, etc.) and try to be as specific as possible with EVERY detail from how fast you should approach the trick to what you should be thinking and concentrating on in the air and to the landing.


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