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Well this question has popped up far to many times for me to ignore it anymore...

BMXTRIX* does allow use of it's Content** on other websites if the following rules are followed...

    BMXTRIX or a contributor maintains copyright of ALL Content on BMXTRIX.  As such any site that uses Content MUST include a notice of copyright on their site.  If you don't already know- ART is copywritten the moment the artist creates it.  Therefore any site that HAS content (all of them) HAS a copyright- whether or not it is stated and using Content may be punishable.  Please remind people that your site has a copyright.
  2. E-MAIL:
    If you are using any Content send an e-mail to: so that BMXTRIX can review your site and check that rules are being followed.  In simple terms- let us know you are borrowning some stuff.
    Your site may NOT charge for content.  This has not ever been seen yet- but should it ever be seen then BMXTRIX will ask that you remove content immediately.  BMXTRIX worked on the site and gives away the content for free.  Do NOT expect to make one dollar off the work done here.
    There are several reasons for this which will not be explained but...  Anyone that uses BMXTRIX Content must store it on their own Internet server and not link to it directly on the servers that BMXTRIX uses.  If you need space try to store it on Tripod, or Xoom which will allow movies and other Content.
    NO site may link directly to a single page within BMXTRIX from their frames page (thereby making is look like it is theirs).  Under VERY special circumstances a few sites have been granted permission to do this.  If you advertise your site in Ride Magazine, and have a TOTALLY kick ass website and ask VERY professionally then perhaps BMXTRIX will allow this to happen....  But don't count on it.  It would be better to just link through and open it in a new window if you are using frames.
  6. PROPS:
    Acknowledgement of where you got the Content is perhaps one of the biggest rules to follow...  It is also the most specific...
    A.  A note that the content was received from BMXTRIX and a link to BMXTRIX must appear on the page that the Content is used on.
    B.  If the Content is a movie or an image that appears on its own page then the link to BMXTRIX may appear on the page that links to the Content.
    C.  A link from your links page is NOT enough.  Links pages are nice... but are NOT the same thing as giving credit for where your content came from.
    D.  AN ADDITIONAL LINK MUST APPEAR SOMEWHERE ON YOUR SITE USING THE LINK LOGO.   The link logo is below and can be linked through.  This is only a 16Kb file so it will not take up to much space on your server.

link_logo.gif (16408 bytes)

So you violated half the rules... so what?

PENALTIES:  To begin with there will be an e-mail sent to whoever claims to be the webmaster or creator of the site that is breaking BMXTRIX rules.  If no e-mail is available but there is a Guest Book (message board) then that will be used to communicate with the webmaster.  If in ONE WEEK no response is heard from the webmaster then BMXTRIX will take action to have the site removed from the Internet.  If no e-mail address is available then action will be taken to remove the site from the Internet.   99% of web space providers follow International Laws on copyright and will remove any site without notice.  Should a webmaster respond they will have one additional week (two weeks total) to change their site to meet the above requirements.  If at that time the site is still not in compliance then it will be up to BMXTRIX as to whether or not to take further action.


In all honesty:  BMXTRIX has been a huge part of my life.  I have added it to my list of hobbies and have spent hundreds of hours creating videos, writing how-to's, writing stories, editing stuff from others, doing layout, and responding to (literally) thousands of e-mails.  It has been VERY hard work (but fun) for me.  If you are trying to be in compliance or are close I probably won't even comment on it.  Some minor misses aren't going to bug me.


*BMXTRIX:  BMXTRIX is ~P~ or P. Vail as well as a number of contributors to the site.

**Content includes and words, images, photos, videos, sounds, or ANYTHING else that appears on this website.  Even the code is under the rules of copyright... Please do not feel that it is free to just use it without following the terms above.