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Gerators, Junkyards, and Dump Trucks... If you are building a routine for doing tricks on the back wheel then these three are the tricks to know. Once you learn the basics of these three then you can learn all the variations that go along with them. On the pedal, on the opposite side, switch footed, and variations into and out of them. Of course coasting tricks like Time Machines and Rope-a-Ronis are important things to learn on the back wheel as well.

There are probably 30 different ways to ride into Gerators but described below is the what I consider to be one of the easiest ways to ride in. As with other scuffing tricks you can learn how to scuff and control Gerators before you actually learn to ride in and out.

Prerequisites for this trick are the Half Lash- this is the first half of a smoothie- or half of a whiplash. You will be doing this one CROSS-FOOTED... style!

Another easy variation on riding out is to leave the handlebars backwards and get the trick spinning very quickly in circles. When you are spinning quickly reach behind you with your left hand and grab the left grip (that your right hand is currently holding) then put your right hand on the right grip and grab the brakes immediately. Your body should be centered over the seat and the bike should pivot around and the front wheel should drop to the ground. Let go of the rear brakes and you are riding backwards with the handlebars backward. Follow the instructions for riding out of riding backwards to finish this trick up!

Gerators are critical to becoming a well-adapted rider to both front and back wheel tricks. Scuffing them is not very difficult but the combinations on how to ride in and out of the trick are unbelievable. A popular variation is to do a body varial in the middle of the trick (spin your body 360 degrees on the peg and continue to scuff). Don't get frustrated if you haven't been riding for long and the trick isn't easy to do. Practice all the different parts individually- Learn to scuff Gerators, learn to do the half lash to ashtray- learn to ride out. If you come up with your own way to ride out then do it. If you know the trick then you don't have to listen to what anyone else says on how to ride in or out if you have a different way.

If you have a question about this trick please feel free to e-mail it in...

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