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It may seem weird to have an entire page dedicated to this but there have been an increasing number of people that have been requesting tricks that won't EVER appear as how-to's...  But will appear in the videos that go onto the site.  If you are looking for a specific trick then please go ahead and download the videos OR e-mail and ask if I will put it up or have it up...

FREESTYLE:  It's all about being able to do what you want...  But it's also about style.  Combining tricks in new and different ways.  As such STEALING other people's style is wrong.  It always has been. 

Please don't request combination tricks such as Whoppers and Barflip Hitchhikers...   those are not only NOT basic tricks...  The half-cab tailwhip 'belongs' to Andrew Farris (look at the Anthem video). 

Please don't request a minute variation of what is already there.  If you want to learn to ride with the bike out in front of you while traveling backwards learn the first half of a fire hydrant. 

Please don't request combination tricks.  If you can do a decade and you can do a fire hydrant then work on the link yourself... It will come.

FINALLY:  Remember that I am not paid to do this site- I have a wife, a house, a FULL-TIME job, and I ride BEFORE I work on this website.  This is my gift back to freestyle for all it has given me.  Please don't abuse my effort by demanding that I put something on the site...  I do it as a favor to all the beginners through experts that care.

What really is important is for you to give me any 'basic' tricks that I may have missed.  Please be specific if possible.  (i.e. I would like to see for flatland the barhop...  thanks)



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