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It seems that most riders agree about this one...  KNOW HOW TO DO ONE-FOOTERS!  Once you have your basic one-footer pretty much dialed you can head straight in to learn can-cans.  It should be noted that despite this being an easy trick to get the 'general' hang of, pros can do can-can x-ups that REALLY tweak their body around.  The most common variation of the can-can is the no-footed can-can.  Things start to get a little more dangerous when you take both feet off the pedals though so be careful!


1.Head at the same speed as doing a 1-footer which would be your own comfortable speed. 

2.After taking off the jump do a small 1-footer off to the side.  Not really kicking your foot out to the side, but just taking it off the pedal. 

3.  Then kick your foot over to the other side of the top tube.  It seems hard but is not.

4.  Then Bring your foot back over the top tube to the other side.

5.  Then place your foot back on the pedal and ride away.

Note:  You can do this whole trick standing up or sitting down.  You can also land while in the position even most likely you will fall off.  When bringing the foot over the top tube, kick it over at an angle pointing down past your other foot a bit.

No Footed can cans are the tricks most people like.  Its really just like a regular can-can, but then kick out the other foot on both sides of the bike either sideways or at an angle downwards.

BY:  Danny


When doing this trick you should be comfortable with one footers and moving your feet in different directions (fowards and backwards).

Go towards the jump a slight bit faster than normal.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Almost as soon as you leave jump take one foot and bring it over the top tube and then bring it back, kind of like a opposite side candy bar. Then just learn to shoot out longer.

2. When at the height of your jump kick one of your legs over the top tube, just flat over it at first. ultimately you want to get your leg all the way over and then shove it down. At this point it is easy to bail if you need to, but crashing when your leg is just over the top tube can result in breakage of bones or intense pain believe me


Before trying can-cans in the air try them on the ground.

Take your front foot and kick it over the other side of the frame.

Once you understand what to do try them on a ramp.

Approach the jump with your normal speed.

When at your highest point in the air do what you practiced on the ground and just kick your front foot over the frame.

Your cranks will move downward try getting them back before landing to make the landing softer.

If you have any specific questions about can-cans please click here.

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