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So you want to roll into a 12 foot vert ramp just like Dave Mirra...  Just a suggestion- DON'T START WITH A VERT RAMP!!!!  Especially a 12 foot one.

A good height for learning to drop in is on any ramp under 4 feet tall with a platform.   Keep in mind that there is 3 typical ways to drop in to a ramp.


Double Pegging In

When you get more and more comfortable with rolling in you can begin lifting the front wheel over the coping and doing a small bunnyhop over the edge of the coping.  This will help in the future when rolling in on vert ramps.

Dropping In

It is very important to realize that dropping in on a mini (a non-vert ramp) has a much different feel then dropping in on vert.  A vert ramp is not to different to drop in on- it just FEELS different.  The taller the ramp, and the more vert on the ramp, the longer the bike will be in the air before it comes in contact with the surface of the ramp.  That is why it is so important to build up to bigger ramps.

In simple terms- there is absolutely nothing different about dropping in on vert- except it feels COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  Start small.

If you have any specific questions about dropping in please click here.

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