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Well, it is because BMXTRIX has received about 20 different people write in about how this trick is done that this site has finally been updated (3/19/2000)...  It seems that there are a few different opinions on how this trick is done- But without a doubt this may be one of the most versatile tricks out there.

For all you dirt jumpers-  good luck with it. :o)

There really aren't any major prerequisites to learning feeble grinds- as one of the most basic grinds you should be comfortable with bunnyhopping or feel good about doing any of the other grinds.  Possibly you should have learned how to do double peg stalls as well.  But once learned you can really get comfortable with doing more and more grinds.  Better riders do this grind on handrails with no ledge and others combine this grind with others- bunnyhopping into different positions along the way.

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A feeble grind is basically a double-peg grind with your front wheel on whatever you are grinding.

It is easier than a double-peg grind in that you can slide way longer on almost anything (i.e., concrete ledges, etc.). How ever, it is more difficult as you have to pull the front end higher up. Here's how you do it...

1) Ride toward whatever you want to grind. It is best to learn this on small stuff like 1 foot ledges and such. When first learning this it is often better to ride at a slower pace and just feeble stall it, then go faster and faster until you start grinding.

2) Hop up but don't level out all the way. Look at the ledge and aim your front tire towards the top of it and your back peg will usually land on the rail without much thought. Focus more on the front end when doing grinds. Note: When hopping into grinds, try to hop just high enough to get onto whatever you are grinding, that way it is a lot smoother and easier on your axles.

3) As you land on the object you are grinding, lean your bike into the object and lean your body away from it. Don't stand up too much or it may throw off your balance. Note: A good way to get the balance for this is by putting your bike up on the object in a feeble grind position and just practicing balancing in that position (without grinding or hopping up or anything).

4) To get out of this grind pull your front end up and turn away from the object, then unweight the back end and "hop" it off. If you are grinding fast enough, you can just manual off, but that's a little harder because you have to shift your weight. 

Keep in mind that once you get this down you'll be able to grind almost anything. It's about 5 times as fast as a double-peg!


To do a feeble grind you want to approach the ledge or rail that you want to grind at a SLIGHT angle.

Go at a medium speed and as you get about a foot away from the ledge/rail bunnyhop.

Push the back end of your bike towards the ledge/rail and land with the back peg grinding on the ledge and have your front wheel rolling along the top of the ledge/rail.

Make sure that when you bunnyhop you bunnyhop high enough so that your front wheel will land on top of the ledge/rail instead of the peg landing on the ledge/rail.

NOTE:  This how-to doesn't include riding out-  So please look to some of the other how-to's if you need help with that.


Feeble grinds are one of the hottest street trix right now, and once you get the hang of them, they become more fun to do. 

To start out, have a ledge high enough to grind the peg without the tire touching the ground (about 8 inches). And keep it within comfortable bunny hopping range.

Ride up to it at about ten degrees. In other words, ride almost right beside the ledge you are about to grind.

Keep the speed at about jogging speed to start out with, but not faster than what you are comfortable with.

Next, once you get beside the ledge, act as if you were going to bunny hop on top of it.

Instead of actually bunnyhopping on top of it, you bunnyhop only the front wheel on top.

Keep the rear wheel slightly to the side of the ledge, and have your chest over the stem area to take some weight off your back pegs (allowing for longer, smoother grinds).

Once you hear that peg grind the surface, you'll know you did a feeble grind.

When you run out of grinding room, to come off the ledge, or bench, or whatever, just turn your wheel to the outside a little and jump off.

The faster the speed, the better - but, take your time, those ledges aren't going anywhere.


A Feeble grind, I think is one of the simplest grinds to do.

First off find a ledge or box that is about as high as you can bunnyhop.

Second, go as fast as you’re comfortable can, but the faster the better. You can grind surfaces better when you’re going fast. 

Next, bunnyhop and make sure your front wheel gets on top of the ledge or box. If you go as straight as possible you will can keep your speed. If you go at an angle, it is easy to make sure your back peg gets on but you do more of a stall then a grind.  Do whatever helps you get a feel.

When you’re in the feeble, keep your weight directly over the top of the ledge or box. If you lean away from it, you’ll come off early. If you lean into it too much or turn your wheel in, your peg will slip off and you’ll end up on your sprocket. 

You should lean forward, too, because the less pressure you put on your back-end, the further you can grind. It also makes it easy to grind on slower concrete or rails too.

Finally, coming off the ledge or box is easier if you’re going fast because you’ll have more control. If you come to a complete stop, you have to regain your balance and it looks worse. If you’re grinding straight off the end of a ledge or box, just pull up the front wheel and ride off. If you’re coming off the side, you have to bunnyhop.


This is probably the easiest grind of all.

All you do is ride at a normal pace, bunnyhop so your front tire lands on the ledge and your back peg is grinding across it. 

Try to put most of your weight over the front tire. This way you'll slide for a longer period of time, because there will be less friction on the peg.

If your grinding and your back peg slides off and you land on your sprocket, you should lean your body weight off to the side (away from the ledge).

Submitted By:  -Chris Reinke-


Approach a ledge (about 1 foot tall to begin with) at medium speed at a 20-40 degree angle.

Bunnyhop up onto the ledge.

Wen you hop try to focus on putting your front wheel on the edge of the ledge riding parallel to it.

After that the back peg just lands on the ledge by itself but you still might need to position your bike to land right.

When your done grinding just pull up and hop off.

Before you try to grind you might need to wax down the ledge/rail with soap or candle wax.


These can be done on ramps or ledges or thicker rails.

It involves having your front wheel on top of what you are grinding and your rear peg on it.

I would say it's easiest to learn feebles on a mini ramp. Before you try them you should be able to do 50/50's or double peg-grinds.

Head towards the coping just a little faster than for a 50/50.

Turn your bike as though you were doing a 50/50 but just lift your front wheel up and put it on the very edge of the platform. At this stage you should be grinding along.

Keep your weight slightly over your front wheel and just inside the ramp.

You can steer your grind along the edge of the ramp, if you steer too far over from the coping your bike will swing around and your back peg will come off. If you have a front brake you can slow yourself down if you need to, you can also later learn things like feeble to nosepick and feeble to smith grind.

Getting out of feebles are easy if you can do it right but can be one of those annoying things that make you slam when you're not expecting it. There are a few ways to do it. One way is to steer your front wheel back into the ramp so that you roll off the coping, this takes practice but looks the best and is the most flowing way to get out of feebles.

Another way is to hop back in from the feeble position. This is pretty easy so long as you hop before your back peg comes off. The key to getting out is to do it while you are still moving, it makes it so much easier, so start the process while you still have plenty of speed.

On ledges, you will obviously need to jump into feebles.

You can go slow to begin with untill you are confident with getting on the ledge.

Again you want to have your weight over the front wheel and steer along the edge. Here it is more important to get out of the trick while you are moving.

You will need to hop out from the wall more than you do on a ramp.

One of my favorite tricks is to hop up on top of the ledge and then launch a 180 off it. You can also learn bar-spins out of feeble grinds pretty easily as you tend to stall for a bit when you are getting out of them. - hope this is ok, if you need any more info let me know.

Submitted By:  Paul

If you have any specific questions about feeble grinds please click here.

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