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What is this?  A wheelie where you are coasting?  Easy right...

Well let me tell you- it sucks.  WHEELIES aren't the easiest trick in the world.   They are just the trick that every kid on every block knows about and wants to see.   Manuals are wheelies times ten.  When you get better at them they can be done without brakes- but to begin with it is recommended that you have brakes available and learn the brake control.

Manuals can be done all by themselves on flatland, or can be combined with about a million different street tricks- including grinds, manualling through jumps, to any lip trick, and across platforms...  The possibilities are endless...  but remember- most riders learn this trick because they practice it EVERY time they ride.  For some it comes easier- for others it is a long slow process.

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The biggest problem with beginners is NOT getting your body far enough behind the seat to create a stable center of gravity.  The other biggest problem is riders throwing their body around to much while trying to balance.  The LESS you move your body around the easier manuals will start to become.

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If you have any specific questions about manuals please click here.

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