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No-handers aren't done with the bars in your lap anymore.  Newer riders probably don't even know what that means...  Nowadays they only see 'suicide' style no-handers.  That is, no-handers with the seat of the bike clamped FIRMLY between the riders knees and the rider with their arms flung WAY out to their sides, or behind them.  Of course the pros are usually doing them in the middle of a 360 or some other big trick-  But just the basic suicide no-hander is enough to impress most...

Make sure you are comfortable with jumping and doing one-handers.  Be comfortable with clearing and landing whatever you will be attempting this trick on.  REMEMBER:  This is not a trick that you have to do BIG in one day- it will probably take weeks or months to really get a good stretch of your arms.

Rider Submitted How-To #1

First off before you even think of trying this trick learn to do one-handers.

Before you hit the jump adjust your seat so you can pinch it between your knees. If you don't pinch the seat the bike will fall away from you when you take off your hands.

When you hit the jump pinch your seat with you knees and try to keep the bike level in the air.

You can practice this a couple times just to get comfortable with it.

Then it's simple take off your hands then put them back on.

Start off taking your hands off just a little and eventually make it bigger and bigger.

For a suicide no-hander stretch your hands out as far as you can behind your back.

Rider Submitted How-To #2

This is what most people call the suicide no hander...

Try to get a Jump were you get high, but not go to far.

1.  Head at a either normal or slightly fast speed.

2.  As leaving the jump start to stand up and lean your upper body backwards while gripping the seat with your knees. 

3.When standing all the way back on your pedals with your knees locked and your waist up leaning back, start to take your hands off the grips.

4.  Take them off till you reach pretty far back or to the sides.  Or even clap behind your back.

5.  When starting to land, put your hands down first then sit down and get the rest of your body back down and ride away. That is the trick most of the pros do.

This one is a bit different because you nose dive a bit...

1.  Start by going fairly fast because this is a fast trick.

2.  After leaving the jump stay down and grip the seat with your knees and lean forward just a bit but not to much.

3.  Just after doing that, take off your hands upwards.  You don't have to take them off to far because if you crash this can really hurt since half the time you start nose diving a bit.

4.  Then put your hands back down and pull up just a little bit so you shift all your weight back and you are able to sit down good on the seat.

Submitted By:  Danny

Rider Submitted How-To #3

First you have to get comfortable over a jump to try new stuff at full speed, the higher you go the easier this trick is.

Try a few suicides on the ground, just like pinch the seat and get the motions down.

Once you get everything straight its time to take it to the sky. Hit the launch fast enough to clear it, when you get in the air you want to lean your head over the bars a little, this keeps the front end down a bit.

As you are leaning forward pinch the seat with your knees.

Next you want to relax your grip and just slip your hands right off the grips sideways, you can pull them UP but that looks lame, if you go to the sides, you can start to do them behind your back.

If the landing is steep you may want to push your bars down as you pull your hands off that way the bike noses in and you land smooth.

After you get your hands back on you want to unpinch the seat and pull it like you would any other trick.

If you are looking for any real secret to this trick, there isnt one. Just commit and try it, you may surprise yourself.

Submitted By:  Nick Parrish

Rider Submitted How-To #4

Fisrt of all, adjust the seat so it is easily pinchable between your knees. Then find a jump that gives you plenty of air time.

Approach it with normal speed.

Get used to pinching the seat in the air and stay relaxed.

Just start taking your hands out to the sides and work your way out.

Don't let go of the seat in mid-air until hands are on the bars.

Rider Submitted How-To #5

Sometimes it helps to have your headset a little extra tight so your bars wont spin when you don't want them to (really handy when you are just learning them).

Get as much air as you can, then clamp your knees on the seat for balance and control.

Take your hands off, and watch the bars.

Remember to put your hands where the bars are, not where you left them.

Try pulling up a little when you grab your bars again, it will be a lot smoother.

If you have any specific questions about no-handers please click here.

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