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For some reason EVERYONE in the world wants to tell how to do a feeble grind- but only one person could say how to do a smith grind.  Does that mean it's THAT much harder?  Probably not.  But people don't try smith grinds as often and they appear to be a little bit more difficult and not as fast and fun as the feeble grind.  It is probably helpful to be comfortable with 50/50 and/or feeble grinds before moving on to the smith grind...

Rider Submitted Description #1

PREREQUISITES: Feeble, 50/50 grind, bunnyhop, how to "throw" your back end out to one side

VARIATIONS: one handed maybe, i dont hink no handed...not me...yet

DESCRIPTION:  Smith Grinds are somewhat tougher than feebles and 50/50s. You need to make sure that you can bunnyhop HIGHER than the what you're going to grind, at least a solid bunnyhop onto it because your back tire is going to need to end up on top of it. Also make sure that the grind surface is very slick or else you're not going to go anywhere except for over the handlebars.

Take a couple runs at it to see if you can bunnyhop on top.

Go towards the the ledge or whatever you're going to grind at a slight angle...10-15 degrees... go at the speed you went when you bunnyhopped on top of it.

When you bunnyhop, pull the bike up with you and bend your knees.

When you are at height, stretch your arms so that the front tire falls and touches the side of the ledge, causes your front peg to fall onto it, since your going at an angle, your back end should make it on top of the ledge. (stop now and visualize what's happening, it helps) now you are in a Smith Grind.

When in it, you have to lean far back with your arms stretched straight out or else you will stop instantly, it's best to have your butt BEHIND the seat right above your rear tire, or as far as your arms will let you go.

To get off, you can "throw" the rear of the bike away from the ledge causing the front peg to come off by itself, or you can hop the entire bike at the same time away from the ledge, which may take some practice.

Go slow first, and just stall it, then progress your way faster and faster until you can go a few feet, dont worry so much about getting off, its much easier going fast so just concentrate on getting the smith grind at a fair pace. and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE GOOD LUCK!!

Submitted By:  Shane Injun

Rider Submitted Description #2

PREREQUISITES: having complete control of bunnyhops, 50 50 grinds

VARIATIONS: no handed, 180 out, alley oop (on mini ramp), smith stalls, 270 smith stalls (on mini ramp), opposite side. 

DESCRIPTION:  To do the smith grind you need to have bunnyhops wired. you need to be able to reposition the bike in mid-bunnyhop and also be able to pull the REAR of the bike higher than the front.  Smith grinds on street take more strength than either feebles or 50-50's.  They are a little harder but not that much harder.  The key is in the bunnyhop.  The cool thing about smiths is that they look very impressive and there are a lot of variations as far as stalls go when riding ramps.

To do the smith grind.... approach the ledge at a moderate speed similar to what you would use for a feeble grind. also approach at a slight angle.  

As you come up to the ledge bunnyhop above the level of the area you will be grinding on.

This is the hard part; as you bunnyhop you need to pick the rear end up higher than the front so that you can get your wheel onto the object you are grinding.  As you get to the right height with the back end kick it out so that the wheel goes over and rolls on the ledge.

The front peg may hit down on the ledge first, this is ok.  Beware because you may get a bit of a wrist jolt when the front end sets down.

Smile because you're in the grind. you can keep pressure on the rear of the bike with your legs to sort of "steer" the grind and keep the rear wheel where you want it. since the bike is higher in the rear you will have less weight on the rear wheel and you can sort of manhandle the rear of the bike to get it to go straight.

To get out simply do a small sideways bunnyhop off of the ledge. again, this can be tricky because your rear end will be higher than the front. you need to be able to bunnyhop and lift the rear end off with the pedals while at the same time popping the front peg off. try and keep your weight back or you may endo when you come off.

Submitted By:  TR

Rider Submitted Description #3

PREREQUISITES: you want to know how to bunnyhop, and it's a good idea to know how to feeble and 50-50 or just grind in general.

VARIATIONS: you can do smith barspin/flip out, smith to feeble, barspin/flip to smith, x-up to smith, 180 to smith (this is very hard to land clean), smith 180 out, and manual to smith. All smith variations are some of the hardest things to do and take a high level of skill.

DESCRIPTION:  If you have never done a Smith grind before and you are just starting to learn them you will want to try it on a ledge that is not very high, maybe like 2 feet high. The height of the ledge you try it on will also depend upon how high you can bunnyhop. Once you have found a good height you also want to make sure that the ledge is fairly smooth so that it will slide and you don't end up going over the bars because your front peg just stopped cause the ledge was to rough. So when you have found a ledge that is the right height and isn't to rough then you can give a Smith grind a try.

First approach the ledge with a moderate speed. You want to be going diagonal towards the ledge but not to diagonal, you want to be closer to going parallel with the ledge.

Next bunnyhop and once you are above the ledge kick in the rear end and push out the front. You want to land your front peg on top of the ledge grinding with the rear wheel riding across it. The Smith grind!

You will not be able to hold it to long because the rear wheel is riding off of the ledge.

Once the rear wheel is starting to drop of you want to pull up VERY hard on the front end. This will level out the bike and then you land with your rear wheel first a ride away happy.

Submitted By:  Eric Russi

Rider Submitted Description #4

For this grind all you have to do is bunnyhop a foot above the ledge your going to grind.

When your coming down make sure your front peg is going to land on the ledge, and quickly kick your back tire towards the ledge.

When you land you will be in the exact opposite of a feeble. Your front peg will be grinding across the edge of the rail/coping, while your back tire is rolling on top of the ledge.

The hard part is getting off... (which Chris didn't tell us how to do :o(  

Submitted By:  -Chris Reinke-

If you have any specific questions about smith grinds please click here.

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