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In all this world there has never been a trick that screamed out 'PRO RIDER' more than 540's on a vert ramp.  Well, street and dirt have really been pushing the sport and now it's almost becoming commonplace to see riders doing 360's over everything.  In fact, the 360 has become such a standard trick that a rider really needs to learn variations such as barspins and no-footers to make a 360 more impressive.  The same has come true with 540's on vert ramps.

But when you push the spinning further- to the 720 on street/dirt and the 900 on vert then you are in a whole different ballgame.  Suddenly the trick is MUCH more respectable.  In fact, the 900 is still considered one of the most incredible vert tricks in the world.

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PREREQUISITES: Small 180s on quarter pipes, then build it up to bigger 180s and just get the hang of spinning in the air 

VARIATIONS: No/one Footer 360, one/no hander 360, Barpsin 360(truckdriver), even backflip 360

DESCRIPTION: Find a small jump that gives you a bit of air and has some landing space.

Head towards it at a moderate speed, and as you are leaving the lip of the jump start turning to the left (or right).

Then when you are leaving the jump and going into the air, turn your head as much as you can to the left (or right) if you turn your head and look in the direction you want to spin (maybe help with your shoulders and arms a bit) the rest of your body and bike will follow.

Most likely, you will land on your back tire and have to pivot the rest of the 360 out on your back tire. So you can use your brakes, or just pedal out.

Submitted By:  Stewart

PREREQUISITES: Bunnyhop 180's on the ground

VARIATIONS: barspin, no-footed, tabletop, x-up

DESCRIPTION: It would be a great idea to learn this trick on a tabletop jump. It will be less pain if you bail. I will describe it if you spin left to right.

First, set your feet so your left foot is back and your right is front. You don't need to go real fast.

Second, as you hit the lip or the coping, turn your bars to the left and turn your head. Where your head goes, the body goes. You can use your hip and your feet to 'spin the frame'.

Third, when you see the landing, keep your eyes on it so you will stop spinning.

Land your back wheel just before the front wheel.

Don't be scared to try it, it's less difficult then it sounds and the more you're scared, the less you'll spin. Also, try to keep the front end a little bit higher then the backend.

Submitted By:  Martin Fecteau

There are people out there that I KNOW can do some decent 360's-  Please submit YOUR how-to for the 360 or for the 540 on vert!  Just click here.

If you have any specific questions about 360's (etc) please click here.

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