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Barspins have almost become a trick that is just required for any rider that is good to know how to do.  Prerequisites include the ability to at least do small no-handers on the bike.  Fortunately when learning the trick you can REALLY build up to it.  Start doing the flatland barspin, making sure you learn them standing on the pedals.  SEAT position is highly critical.  Because you need to grip the seat with your knees make sure it is at a height that is comfortable to grab with your knees and gives you good leverage on the bike.

Another build up to the trick is the bunnyhop barspin, and that fact that you don't have to clear a ten foot jump to do a barspin- just enough air to get the bars around is all you need when learning the trick.

Variations include:  360 barspins (truck drivers), over almost ANYTHING (hips, vert, dirt, street, bunnyhop, mini ramps, whatever), manuals, tailtap, and before and after about every grind that exists.  It is an INCREDIBLY versatile trick that once dialed can be combined with about ANY trick that you can do out there.


Bunnyhop Barspin: (You have to be able to bunnyhop at least 2 feet to do this trick.)

Bunnyhop- When you are at height lean back and grip your seat with your knees and throw you bars around.

You want to catch it with the opposite hand of that your throwing them with.

Start off with throwing your bars halfway and work you way up.


Manual barspin:

While your riding, grip your seat with your knees, pull up on the front end of your bike and throw your bars.

It's simple!

Submitted by: -Chris-

If there are people out there that really have this trick dialed in on a variety of obstacles (vert, bunnyhopping, launch ramps, etc.) please feel free to click here and submit you DETAILED how-to.

If you have any specific questions about barspins please click here.

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