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Crooked grinds are probably one of the newest variations of grinds out there right now-  This means that you haven't seen a lot of them and if you want to impress some others and really get in on the ground floor- THIS is a good grind to learn.

It probably helps to know 50-50 grinds...  but make sure you are comfortable with bailing from grinds- cuz' this one can eat you alive.


This grind can only be done on rails and some people call this a crossover grind.

All you do is bunnyhop, push your front tire over the rail and land on the rail.

Your front peg will be grinding and your back peg on the opposite side should be grinding.

It's hard.

When your done grinding pull up very hard bunnyhop off either side and your done.

Submitted By:  -Chris Reinke-

A little more detail from ~P~ who CAN'T do this trick...  so if you CAN and want to provide a description CLICK HERE!

Approach a handrail at your normal grinding speed for 50-50 grinds.  Do NOT pick a rail that is to high to try to learn this on or one that has a 20 foot drop off of one side.

Try to approach the rail almost straight on and bunnyhop up onto the rail.

The trick to this is that your pegs should be on either side of the rail- that is your left front peg and your right REAR peg should be on the rail at the same time (crooked).  You can do this the other way as well- put your right front peg and your left rear peg on the rail.

Typically to land crooked the FRONT tire is the one that will go over the rail when you bunnyhop-  But you can also throw the back end of the bike really high in the bunnyhop and throw your back wheel over the rail for this grind.

Coming off seems to be about as difficult-  Hopefully for learning the trick you have a clear runway at the end of the rail so you can just come off of it.  If not you REALLY need to pull up hard to get your front wheel back over the rail and your bike off the rail for a controlled landing.

Good luck!

If you have any specific questions about crooked grinds please click here.

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