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Bob Kohl was the man in the late 80's.  Every magazine would talk about how BIG he went and the style he had in the air.  Nowadays people see crazy riders on the cover of Ride pushing the superman seatgrab beyond belief...  But they are still missing the style of the original trick slightly-  While none of these descriptions include it-  a TRUE superman air is done ONE-HANDED.  Well, eventually we will all be able to do that- but learn them with both hands on at first.

Probably a good idea to be comfortable with doing BIG no-footers before pushing your limits with the superman...

Rider Submitted Description #1

To do a superman you have to first find a jump that gets you a lot of air and that you are comfortable jumping.

A superman is pretty basic its just like a no footer, when you take your foot off you want to slide them off the side instead of lifting straight up.

This keeps you pedals and cranks from spinning.

You first hit the jump and do a no footer.

Keep doing that and every time you try it extend your legs back a little more and your arms forward a little more.

Just keep extending farther and farther each time you do it.

Soon you will be able to extend you body all the way out.

It's easy as that, it just takes time.

Rider Submitted Description #2

1. Get enough speed to get off the dirt jump and make sure you are high.

2. Then just about immediately after you leave the jump, stand up on the pedals and take your right hand (or left hand depending on which is more comfortable) and grab the seat.

3. Now here's the tricky part (sort of), make sure you keep the front handlebar straight and not wobbly, jump off the pedals and put your feet straight back keeping your legs locked.

4. Then whenever you are ready to finish the trick, use whatever hand you have on the seat and pull yourself back in.

5. Put your feet on the pedals and take your hand off the seat and put it back on the handlebars and make a successful landing.

Rider Submitted Description #3

PREREQUISITES: No-Footers, One Handers (these two are musts before attempting the trick)

VARIATIONS: Seat grabs are the one that seem to get you on the cover of the magazines- and is the version described here.

DESCRIPTION:  Start by going at the jump at a pretty normal speed (you can decide what kinds of speeds you like the more you learn the trick)

While going off the jump, take whichever hand you feel comfortable with, off of the grip (so basically do a one-hander)

Next take that hand and grab the nose of the seat (the skinny part)

This is the hard part, while holding the seat tight and the grip tight (cuz you don't want your bike wobbling around) jump off of the pedals and kick your legs and feet back (each time you do the trick you will be able to keep them out longer and farther then the last time, trust me)

Then, make sure you don't hit your back tire or the seat, pull your body in with your hand that is on the seat and keep your legs spread apart so you don't hit the seat, and land them back onto your pedals. It is like being in the middle of a no-footer.

Then take your hand that is on the seat and take it off and place it back on the grip like you were doing a one-hander.

Make a nice smooth landing. This trick goes very fast, it might take a while to do it, but if you keep practicing and aren't afraid to fall a little, you will be able to do it.

Submitted By:  Kel

Hmmmm....  I bet someone has some more details on doing these (anyone?) SUBMIT YOUR DESCRIPTION!

If you have any specific questions about supermans please click here.

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