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I have a couple of friends that have been working on this trick...  I think they have been at it for over a YEAR now and still don't have this trick close to dialed.  These are good riders that can do long handrails and can nosepick and ice pick on vert ramps.  They can do big supermans and solid 360's.  But the basic flatland tailwhip, when taken to the air, becomes something that is incredibly difficult to get dialed in.  It should be noted that while the description presented within this how-to is for the tailwhip AIR, there are also many street riders that take the flatland tailwhip and do it on top of vert ramps, minis, and on top of spines.  That may also be covered at some later point by a rider who has THOSE dialed.  For the air though, you can see some of the crazier riders doing 360 tailwhips or one-handed tailwhips.  Once upon a time, Matt Hoffman hit a BACKFLIP tailwhip....  crazy, crazy, crazy!

PREREQUISITES: Decade airs, can-cans, and anything else where you're leaving the bike to a greater extent than just letting go.

VARIATIONS: You can do a lot with tailwhips: 360 (or more) tailwhips, double tailwhips, one-handed tailwhips etc... 

DESCRIPTION: Find a ramp that you can get a fair amount of air off of. Approach it at a speed that you feel comfortable jumping at.

If you bunnyhop left foot forward, go off the ramp and turn a little bit to your right, and the opposite if you bunnyhop right foot forward.

Almost as soon as you leave the ramp at a slight angle, begin to lift your right foot and make sure to keep your handlebars straight. This is the most crucial part of the trick, because of you get caught or you go off at a bad angle, it can really screw you up.

As you lift your right foot, begin to push on the frame with your left foot.

Push your handlebars forward and right a little bit, just enough that the tail begins to follow it. Try to keep your legs as close to you as possible, because it makes landing tailwhips a lot easier.

Then pull your bars back a little so that the momentum change carries the tail around.

If possible, turn your right foot so that the sole is facing the bike. Stop the ! frame with your right foot as you put your left foot on the left pedal, and then make sure that you get your right foot on.

Tailwhips require a lot of practice, and it is very important that you know how to bail when you mess up, cuz you can NOT get tailwhips dialed very quickly.

Submitted By:  CyUrU

If you have the ability to hit really incredible tailwhip airs (or can pull them on spines/minis/vert) please CLICK HERE and submit a description for BMXTRIX.  ~Thanks~

If you have any specific questions about tailwhips please click here.

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