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This is one of the better jumping tricks out there, in my opinion.  The better riders that really push this trick look incredible in the air and stand alone, since it is not an overly used trick.  Plan on it taking a while to really get this trick pushed to a level where it actually looks cool.  Because the BASIC version of the toboggan looks more like a slightly xed-up seat grab or one hander.  REALLY pushing the seat and bike out is when the trick starts to look incredible.

PREREQUISITES: One handers, rocket airs.

VARIATIONS: 360 (or more) toboggans, one-footed, no-footed, barspin toboggans, peg/pedal toboggans etc...

DESCRIPTION: You'll need to find a ramp that you can get level in the air off of.

Approach the ramp at a medium/fast pace.

Launch off of the center of the ramp and almost as soon as you are in the air, let go of the handlebars with one of your hands and turn the bars 90 degrees with the other.

Lean really far back and bend totally at your hips.

If you do toboggans from your pegs, it helps to grab onto the front of your seat with your free hand.

When you are ready to land, turn your handlebars back around (jump to the pedals FIRST if you are doing it from the pegs) and just ride out as you would on any other trick.

The key to executing toboggans is to turn the bars QUICKLY at the beginning of the trick.

Submitted By:  CyUrU

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