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Dirt...  Everyone talks about how much they love dirt jumping.  Nothing to grind, a limited number of lines...  But 'style' it's all about style and flow.  Take it through a good 8 pack with enough style and flow and you will be honored like a god.  Well, when you see someone taking it smooth through a good 8 pack you will USUALLY see the turndown thrown in as one of the tricks they do.  It seems like EVERY competing rider can do the turndown.  Some people have some variations of the trick- but mostly riders just try to twist their bike and body up as much as possible...

PREREQUISITES: It is good to know how to do x-ups

VARIATIONS: These can also be down with a 360 which look really cool


1. First approach the jump with a little more speed than normal to get some air. The jump should be a pretty big double or tabletop. (or a launch ramp, or about anything else you can just get some air over)

2. As you are coming off the lip pull up hard, when in mid air the bike should be straight up and down. 

3. If you are going to turn the bars to the left, swing out your hips a little and turn the bars towards the ground and look down. 

4. After it is fully extended straighten out the bars and level the bike out and land smoothly.

Submitted By:  Mike

If there is anyone else who has a good understanding of how this trick is done and can really EXPLAIN it well please CLICK HERE and send your how-to into BMXTRIX.  ~Thanks~

If you have any specific questions about turndowns please click here.

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