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BMXTRIX Viewer- Derek

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The freak squeak is the actual name of what most people now call front yards. The difference between a freak squeak and a front yard is that with a front yard BOTH legs are in front of the handlebars while with a freak squeak you are straddling the bars with your legs.

Freak squeaks by themselves are not a very impressive trick anymore. They do build a LOT of scuffing coordination up and help you get used to one of the common ways that you will be positioned over the bike. There are also variations of almost every front wheel trick that can be linked into and out of freak squeaks. If you don't know how to scuff then this trick will take a while to learn. If you DO know how to scuff then all you will be really working on is the way in which you should balance this trick.


FAQ: Every time I try to ride in to freak squeaks the back end of the bike flips up in the air- How do I stop this from happening?

A: There are several reasons the back end will flip you forward- First and most likely is that you are pressing down way to hard with your right foot when you begin to scuff. Since you body weight is so far forward you should be able to gently press your foot against the tire to get the back wheel off of the ground. As SOON as you have the back wheel off the ground you begin scuffing.
Second- you are leaning to far forward. This may be combined with the first part. If you are pressing on the tire and throw your weight forward it is like doing an endo and throwing your weight forward really hard. It will throw you over the bars!
Third- you are grabbing the brakes. DON'T GRAB YOUR BRAKES! This trick can and should be done beginning to end without ever using your brakes.

FAQ: What the heck is scuffing?

A: Scuffing is the process of shuffling your foot along either the front or the back tire while the other tire is off of the ground to control the bike. You push forward with your foot to keep the bike rolling forward, then you draw your foot backwards up the tire to keep the bike from falling backwards. In a nutshell you are typically falling backwards (right after a push) or you are falling forwards (while drawing your foot back). You scuff zillions of tricks including freak squeaks, dump trucks, e-squeaks, elephant glides, and gerators.

If you have a question about this trick please feel free to e-mail it in...

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