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Basically there seems to be a consensus from riders on certain aspects of this trick...  GO FAST- and make the air big!

Backflips have become one of the key tricks in expert and pro runs nowadays.  While there are a few riders that ignore this trick, it has almost become impossible to win a contest without good solid backflips and probably some variations of them.  Obviously it is critical to be comfortable with clearing jumps in a BIG way...  if you are on a half-pipe then you should probably be getting about 7-10 feet of air!  This really pushes the trick to a new level when you are going for it on vert.  For street and dirt, the trick itself isn't always super-difficult...  But learning it can be deadly.

Keep in mind that the top pros can do other tricks (barspins, x-ups, even 360's) during a backflip.  That shows that the trick itself has a lot of potential as a combination trick.  Some riders are even doing double backflips!  Just remember that this trick can kill you if you land on your head upside-down.  Make sure to work on them someplace with a lot of friends around to help get you to the hospital.

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To do a backflip you need to find a jump with a good lip on it, something that can get you good air.

All you have to do to accomplish a backflip is pedal as fast as you can toward the jump and then as you hit the jump lean back. 

You lean back as if the jump goes in a circle. 

DO NOT bail in the middle of the rotation, that's when you can get hurt.

Just lean back as you go off the jump and when you going upside down pull the bars into you stomach to make you spin faster.

Look toward the landing with you head. When you spot your landing reposition you bike so that you can land comfortably.


Start with a very fast speed (enough to catch good air!).

Once you have hit the very top of the ramp pull back immediately on the handle bars and shift your weight to the back of the bike.

Once you pull back on the bars the bike will begin to spin.

Grip the bars with your knees tight and hold on!

When the rotation is almost complete brace yourself for the landing with could be very crucial.

More?  Of course there is more to a backflip that can be described by people that really have the trick down.  If you have the trick dialed and could describe it in detail please click here and send it in!

If you have any specific questions about backflips in please click here.

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