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Double Peg Grind
50/50 Grind

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Double peg grinds, or more accurately, 50/50 grinds are not one of the most difficult street tricks out there.  But they are really the trick that took TRUE street riding (as opposed to skatepark style riding) to a whole new level.  The 50/50 grind is what most riders use to grind handrails.  It is one thing to see a rider hit a one foot ledge and slide down it with both pegs.  It's another thing to see someone hit a set of 40 stairs at full speed and slide down the steep handrail next to the stairs.  Variations that may not be listed below include riders being able to do 180 bunnyhops into BACKWARDS 50/50 grinds as well as one/no-handed, one/no-footed, barspin (in/out), and dozens of others.

While not to difficult to learn the basics of, the 50/50 grind can take your riding to a whole new level if you got a large set of gonads (or ovaries ;o) and are willing to go for it.

Make sure the ledge you are going to grind is very slick.  If it isn't your going to land on it and flip over your handlebars and land on your face. All you do is bunnyhop so both of your pegs on one side of the bike get on the ledge.

Grind the hell out of the ledge, and bunnyhop off. Make sure to lean away from the ledge when you bunnyhop off.

Submitted By:  -Chris Reinke-

PREREQUISITES: A good thing to know is how to bunny-hop.

VARIATIONS: There are countless variations. I've seen The Gonz do 1-handed 50-50 stalls. Anything can be put into them.


-Find a nice ledge around town that is low. (you should almost be able to bunnyhop your wheel on top of it)

-When you find it, ride at the ledge (on either your left or right side depending on which side your are comfortable with) with a slow amount of speed first.

-When you feel comfortable do a bunnyhop and purposely set your front peg on the ledge first.

-Now that the front peg is going onto the ledge, at the same time swing the back end onto the ledge.

-Now the tricky part, you probably will fall as soon as you get on the ledge. To fix that all you do is lean more over the ledge. That will make it easier to stay on the ledge.

-When you want to get off just let your front tire fall off of the small ledge. For higher things like rails, you want to either lean back and bring the front tire up and let the back end slide off or you can bunnyhop to the side of the rail or high ledge.

-The more you get comfortable with this, the faster you can go in it. Once you learn it this trick can be really fun. Just watch out for your main sprocket. It probably will get dented in this trick.

Submitted By:  Adam

There is a LOT more possible with 50/50 grinds then described above.  If YOU know how to do them on minis, vert ramps, or on handrails, please click here and fill in your DETAILED explanation.  ~Thanks~

If you have any specific questions about 50/50 grinds please click here.

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