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Fufanus aren't one of the easiest tricks in the world- as I see friends of mine keep falling when they try to learn them.  They are VERY similar to tailtaps, but, instead of having your back tire on TOP of what you are landing on- you put the back tire on the rail/coping.  As well, you do not do a 180 before you land your back tire on the rail/coping, you land facing almost straight forward and then do a 180 as you come back into the ramp.

Some riders will throw a barspin or some other small variation into this trick-  But usually the BEST fufanus are done on BIG sub-boxes/rails.  That would be like a 6 foot tall mini ramp, with a 4 or 5 foot tall handrail behind it.  You launch OUT of the mini ramp and do a fufanu on the handrail.  SKILLZ!

Rider Submitted How-To #1

First, find a small transition that's not too tight, or even a smaller wedge ramp.

You want to go at just enough speed to get your back wheel on the coping (if there is any).

When you get near the top of the ramp, you want to hop a little bit, landing with your back tire on the coping.

Your bike should be turned, but usually no more than 45 degrees.

The key is to keep your weight centered far over the transition- not the deck, and to be looking where you are going to land as soon as you stall.

To come in, you want to keep looking with your head where you want to come in- this is crucial.

Now, since your weight is over the transition, you should be able to hop back into the ramp.

It is OK if you go get a bit of backwards travel on the 180- back in, that should happen.

To get the full 180, just spot your landing, and force your body/bike to turn.

The above description was one of the better ones received-  BUT, if you have some other hints and clues how to do this trick please SEND IT IN!

If you have any specific questions about fufanus please click here.

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