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Nose bonks aren't one of the biggest tricks seen by riders-  But when taken to the street (not your local skatepark but actual STREET riding) they can be really impressive.  If you pick up some of the newer street videos you can see riders do bunnyhops to nosebonks to barspins off of trashcans and things like that.  It's just a super fast aggressive street trick.

Probably a good thing to know how to do bunnyhops...  :o)

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Rider Submitted Description #1

The best way to learn these would probably be on the corner of a sidewalk, or where a curb is at a 90 degree angle.

You want to ride at the corner like you are going to bunnyhop over it, but just a tad slower.

Bunnyhop a bit earlier, and just whip the back end of your bike out-this prevents the bike from hitting the curb.

Your front end should be pushed down so that it "bonks" the curb. It should roll off the curb about the same time as your back end lands.

Well- there is only one so-so description- so if you have more to add (or can do better) please SEND IT IN!

If you have any specific questions about nose bonks please click here.

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