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This is one of those tricks that very few riders can do WELL-  A lot of riders can bust out a quick nose-bonk/wheelie over a one foot wide curb.  Or hit a mini-ramp and roll 8 inches and drop back in.  But riders like McCoy, Miron, and Mirra can haul ass at a 30 foot wide mini-ramp and hit a nose wheelie at mach 10 all the way across the transition- it's REALLY incredible to see.

While not listed below, it is recommended that you have a thorough grasp of the concept of doing a hang-5 before moving this up to the pedals and the ramps/street.

PREREQUISITES: manuals nose bonks and any front wheel trick will help

VARIATIONS: one-handed nose wheelies, no footed nose wheelies etc


NOTE:  You may consider a front brake to ease this process, it will aid you greatly, but find a pyramid or fun box to learn it then go bigger onto decks of ramps or jump boxes.

First, get decent speed if you are not running a front brake, then look as to where you want to start the process of lifting the back of your bike up, it should be near the first transition of the pyramid.

Then shift your weight over the bars, but keep in mind YOU WILL FLIP if you lean to far, it is something to really learn to gauge how far to lean.

Next bring up the rear of your bike by pressing medium hard on your pedals in a backward motion, keeping your toes down.

Now you should be in the nose wheelie position, and just remain rolling until you decide to undo it, and then just shift your weight back over your seat.

If you have a front brake, the only difference is that you may not have to go as fast, and feather your front brake to stay in the nosed position.

Submitted By:  Wilcox

There is still some explaining that could be done with this trick- so PLEASE- if you have a thorough grasp of the nose wheelie and can send in a DETAILED how-to please CLICK HERE!

If you have any specific questions about nose wheelies please click here.

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