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Rocket airs aren't new-  They have probably been around for about 13 or more years at this point.  But because they aren't super hard, that makes them GOOD to combine with other tricks like 360's, barspins, and no-handers.  The more creative (and gutsy) you are, the more you can do with this trick.  It can be done on vert, street, dirt, or in parks... in the air, or during a grind.  Make sure you are comfortable with switching your feet from the pedals to the pegs and back again by trying it on THE GROUND before taking it to the air.

Rider Submitted Description #1

1.Head to a jump that either launches you far, or one that launches you really high but is easy to clear at a pretty fast pace. (same kind with vert ramps)

2.  Almost as soon as you leave the jump, start to push the bike out in front of you.

3.While pushing forward, take your feet off the pedals and move them back to the back pegs.

4.While your feet are on the back pegs squeeze your feet against the back dropouts to keep your feet on.

5.When landing start to pull the bike into you and then take your feet off the pegs and get them back on the pedals and land...  Ride away!

Notes:  It can really help to know no-footers.  You have to have back pegs, and you can learn the feeling of the trick by going off the jump on your back pegs.  I would NOT recommend this trick to a jump that shoots you up, and is hard to clear.

Submitted By:  Danny Herrera

Rider Submitted Description #2

Have no footers down an be fammiliar with the jump you will be using.

Take off your feet and put them close to your pegs.

If you land somewhere between the pegs and the pedals say good bye to your two best friends)

This is also lacking for a how-to... so if you have more to say/add please SEND IT IN!!!

If you have any specific questions about rocket airs please click here.

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