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Table tops, or inverts, or pancakes, or whatever the hell you want to call them are what can make the difference between a GOOD street rider and a GREAT street rider (or dirt jumper).  The have been a FEW riders that could get their bike completely parallel to the ground by jumping off of CURBS...  now that is style!  Be prepared for this trick to be frustrating for a while though.  As you try and try to get the bike to twist upside down- and it doesn't.  Just keep practicing and working the bars and your body until it happens...

Rider Submitted Description #1

1.  Head at a regular speed to the jump because if you are going to fast it will probably not feel good and you won't have enough time to do the trick.

2.  Now the trick all depends on where the pedals are.  If you want to do the table to the right - your right pedal must be down and vice-versa for the left.  Or you can take off with your pedals level then move them.

3.  Now after all the above is done, slowly unweight your bottom body and start to push up a little.  Then at the same time start to push down on the handlebars.

4.  Then when getting ready to land, start to push the back of your bike down, and move your hips a little to left.  Have the handlebars straight when landing. then Ride away.

Note:  If doing the table top to the other side reverse all the directions except for pushing up on the back and pushing down on the bars.

Once again- if you have more to add/say/hint about for this trick SEND IT IN!!!

If you have any specific questions about table tops please click here.

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