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Some people may argue, but this trick is nuts.  For the basic version it isn't really that difficult because you can find a ledge about 8 inches tall and just learn the trick.  But when this trick goes up onto a vert ramp or a six-foot mini ramp then suddenly it matters a WHOLE lot whether or not you are comfortable with falling.  Because if your front peg misses the edge of the ramp, then you are probably going down HARD!

As if it's not tough enough to land on just your front peg on the edge/coping/rail of an object there are riders that do toothpick grinds down handrails (getting to be VERY popular) and when toothpicks are taken to mini-ramps that have spines they really go nuts throwing in barspins and coming OVER the spine to land in a toothpick then hopping back up and over the spine to come in the side they came from... incredible.

Rider Submitted Description #1

Toothpicks are pretty easy you need to have a peg on the opposite peg that you kick out to you want to find a ledge at the middle of your bunnyhopping area so you don't come crashing down on it.

Ride parallel to the ledge until you get about a foot away from the end of ledge then bunnyhop as high as you can and kick your back end out so you don't hit anything else on the ledge.

Push down the front of your bike so you are in almost endo form.

Slap you front peg on the ledge land.

Submitted By:  Cole

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