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If you have one you want to see- E-mail it in!

NEW:  Just for an example of a BEGINNER class run ~P~ is presenting this video...
BEGINNER RUN-  68 Seconds Long- 2,031 Kb


Description? Trick Name VIDEO? Size/Time
YES! Bar Spins YES! 1303k/28sec
YES! Endo YES! 297k/3sec
YES! Barhop (handlebar ride) YES! 1592k/35sec
YES! Bunnyhop YES! 456k/14sec
YES! Pogos YES! 1094k/41sec
YES! Track Stand (Balance Tricks) YES! 1522k/43sec
YES! Riding Backwards YES! 230k/7sec
YES! Grasshoppers & Crickets YES! (new) n/a yet
YES! Nourie Stand YES! 954k/26sec
YES! Lawn Mower YES! 246k/7sec


Rock Walk YES! 288k/9 sec
YES! Tailwhip YES! 424k/5sec
YES! Infinity Roll YES! 456k/12sec
YES! Gut Lever YES! 549k/17sec
YES! Sliders YES! (new) 571k/17sec
YES! Backwards Wheelies (peg) YES! 1384k/30sec
YES! Cherry Picker YES! 381k/11sec
YES! Squeakers YES! 404k/6sec
YES! Surfers YES! (new) 662k/21sec
YES! Smoothie YES! 405k/8sec
YES! Dork Wheelies (Peg Wheelies) YES! 767k/26sec
Not Yet Swivel YES! (new) 3,115k/98sec
YES! Steamroller YES! 404k/10sec
YES! Boomerang YES! 590k/18sec
YES! 180 Rollback YES! 340k/7sec
YES! Fire-Hydrant YES! 317k/6sec
YES! Elbow Glide YES! 254k/7sec
YES! Gerator (Lardyards!) YES! 1203k/35sec
YES! Decade YES! 350k/6sec
YES! Miami Hopper YES! 252k/7sec
YES! Freak Squeak (Frontyard- not) YES! 417k/8sec
YES! Side Squeaks YES! 1381k/45sec
YES! Undertaker YES! 325k/10sec
YES! Cow Maneuver (Smith Decade) YES! 646k/18sec
YES! Wheelchair YES! (new) 2,159k/61sec
YES! Whiplash YES! 289k/6sec
YES! Funky Chicken YES! 507k/11sec
YES! Karl Cruiser (forward) YES! 736k/23sec
YES! G-Turn YES! 174k/3sec
YES! McCircles YES! 576k/19sec
YES! Elephant Glide YES! 922k/23sec
YES! Front Wheel 540 YES! 315k/6sec
YES! E-Squeak (Circle-K) YES! 266k/7 sec
YES! Junkyards YES! 263k/6sec
YES! Forward Rope-a-Roni YES! 387k/11sec
YES! Dump Truck YES! 460k/10sec
YES! Mega Spin YES! 203k/6sec
YES! Hang-5 YES! 747k/21sec
Not Yet Bar Rides (grip or rubber rides) YES! (new) 1,343k/36sec
YES! Pinky Squeaks YES! 470k/11sec
YES! Time Machine YES! 932k/30sec
YES! Tomahawk YES! 404k/14sec
YES! Hitch Hiker YES! 465k/9sec
Not Yet Full 360 Degree Barflip YES! (new) 674k/19sec
YES! Backpacker YES! 768k/17sec


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